About us

Ethnic Tara team is found out of several enthusiasts travelers with a passion for beauty of handicrafts and to explore and showcase the cultures the world.


3As are the three pillars of Ethnic Tara - Alena, Andreja and Amit!!!


Alena : Born in Czech Republic now mom of two young boys aged 3 & 5 years. She is an avid traveler. Visited many countries in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africas and Australasia region. She has a deep interests in spiritual conversations and nature in general. Without her we can't imagine the placements of new products in a creative way and new placement of old products time and again in the shop. She knows this family business inside out as much as she knows her home inside out.

 Andreja : Born in Slovenia now full time living in Malta mainly due to her deep interests in Temples of Malta. She has developed interest in playing Ukulele. Deeply Spiritual and nature loving too. Without her we can't imagine the daily tidying and management of products we have at our shop and warehouse in Malta. A work horse indeed a valued resource and the soul of the Company.

 Amit : Born in India and is a long time partner of Alena. Interests are in online surfing and computers. Loves listening to science related talks on web. Still on the quest of finding a spiritual path. Contributing his part on developing the online and social media side of Ethnic Tara shop. Also managing Accounts and all paperwork related to this small family business.