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Spiral Multi Pocket 100% Cotton Handmade Nepal, Boho Ethno Simple yet Elegant Bag

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This Spiral Motif bag with broad Strings on shoulder is individually 100% Hand crafted. Each bag got 5 pockets each. Beside main compartment there are two front pockets. First one is open to keep daily quick to use things including mobiles, napkins etc. Another one is to keep more important things. Third is inside the main compartment which maybe you can use for keeping cash. Forth pocket is outside the main compartment which is hidden from public view yet for quick search objects which comes with a zipper for an extra layer of security. The shoulder belt is wider than usual and is adjustable according to your comfort. There is one key ring holder as well out in front.

It is a sustainable Products from Nepal. The outer layer is made of high quality thick cotton textile. 

Dimension of Bag are 35 x 28 cm

The strap is adjustable from 45 cm to 70 cm from the bag to the top of the strap.

The spiral motif is one of the oldest and most universal symbols. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, evolution/learning/growing, emanation, winding and unwinding, birth and death, the dynamic aspect of things

Ethnic Style.
Local Nepalese crafted product.
Cold wash, Hang to Dry.

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