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Wisdom Eyes Thangka Nepalese Tees. Mandala 100% Cotton Tshirt. Men Cotton Tees. Hippie. Meditation

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The finest cotton fabric, classic fit neck T-shirt for gentlemen.
• Pre stoned washed.
• Great stitching, durable and a great fit.
• Made with Love in Nepal

Color of the Garment is Black

Just to answer the curious mind, in Buddhism, there are two kinds of eyes, first the inner eyes or eyes of wisdom, which sees the world of Dhamma, which is also known as the Third eye of the Buddha, while the other is called the outer eyes which are also called as material eyes which sees the outer world. This symbol is a representation of the omniscient mind of the Buddha and indicate the spiritual power of the place where the stupa (Buddhist Temples) are build.

Coming back to the T-shirt, its washing Instructions are:
• Machine wash in cold water or hand wash.
• Tumble dry at low temperature setting.
• Preferably iron the graphic print inside out.

Our point of sales and deliveries are in the Czech Republic and Malta.

PS: We try to accommodate as much as possible for your buying experience so please don’t hesitate, just ask for anything you may want from us regarding this product and we will surely reply. Even if we will not be fast fingers but for sure we promise to reply back on each and every query!


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