Summer Cotton Aladdin Pants. Loose Fittings Harem Pants.Hippie Trousers. Boho 100% Cotton. Alibaba - Ethnic-Tara

Summer Cotton Aladdin Pants. Loose Fittings Harem Pants.Hippie Trousers. Boho 100% Cotton. Alibaba

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100% pure cotton Harem Pant.
 Also called as Turkish, Alibaba or Aladdin style this cut is for ever comforting wear. Can be worn during Festivals.

The size of these pants is very flexible thanks to the intricate elastic threading sewn inside around the waist part of the fabric. 

Loose fitting
Made in Nepal
Heavy Cotton Fabric 
Ethnic Style.
Cold wash, Hang to Dry

Our point of sales and deliveries are from the Czech Republic and Malta.

History about Harem Pants :  Harem trousers are baggy, long pants caught in at the ankle. Early on, the style was also called a harem skirt. The original so-called 'harem pants/skirts' were introduced to Western fashion by designers such as Paul Poiret around 1910, although they themselves were inspired by Middle East styles, and by şalvar (Turkish trousers). The term 'harem pants' subsequently became popular in the West as a generic term for baggy trousers caught in at the ankle that suggest the Turkish style, or similar styles such as bloomers, the South Asian shalwar and patiala salwar; the Bosnian dimije; sirwal (as worn by Zouaves); and the Ukrainian sharovary.

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